About me

I am professor of clarinet at Lübeck University of Music, perform as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician and give master classes at home and abroad (see also clarinettist).

In 2002, after studying in Lübeck and Munich, I became principal clarinettist of the Duisburg Philharmonic / Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg. 12 years later I gave up that permanent position in the orchestra to work in Berlin as a freelance clarinettist and teacher of Lichtenberger® Applied Physiology of Voice.

After several years of performing and holding a teaching assignment at Hanns Eisler University of Music in Berlin, I was appointed professor of clarinet at the Lübeck University of Music in 2020, succeeding Reiner Wehle and Sabine Meyer.

In search for new inspiration, I got to know the Lichtenberger® Institute for Applied Physiology of Voice in 2010 and was immediately fascinated: Much of what I had been trying to realize daily with my body and instrument for years was deepened here on the basis of scientific findings and combined with a unique pedagogy.

In 2014, I completed the 3-year training course to become a certified Lichtenberger® teacher. In addition, I studied classical singing in Berlin with mezzo-soprano Regina Jakobi for 4 years.

Naturally, my pedagogical focus is on the clarinet, but in the context of the Lichtenberger® Method I also work with instrumentalists of all kinds, people in speaking professions and singers. These include classical musicians as well as colleagues from the fields of jazz and pop, speakers, psychotherapists, teachers of all kind, and actors. I find this diversity particularly enriching and am grateful that I can also learn from my students. You can read some of their feedback on the Lichtenberger® work here.

Other influences that inform my teaching are the intensive study of mental training for musicians and the neurophysiological basis of learning, as well as many years of lessons and practice in Alexander Technique and Hatha Yoga.


Portrait Jens Thoben