What I Offer

  • Clarinet lessons (Faculty Professor at Lübeck University of Music)
  • Chamber music, repertoire work, audition prep
  • Workshops, masterclasses
  • Lichtenberger® Applied Physiology of Voice

The Lichtenberger® Method, which could be described as a course in the physiology of sound, enables instrumentalists, singers and speakers alike to gain greater and more effortless resonance, as well as more freedom, easiness and mastery in performing. Voice work is the core element of the approach, also for instrumentalists.

Professionals and advanced amateurs particularly benefit from the Lichtenberger® Method. For them, the approach offers an impressive array of possibilities for expanding expressive range, at the same time providing practical help with specific problems. Beginners can find a natural and anatomically attuned relationship with their voice or their instrument right from the outset.

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